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If you’ve been thinking about buying your first electronic drum set, you’ll need to think carefully before choosing which one to get. Buying electronic drums is kind of like buying a computer – different models can do different things, and not everyone needs the newest or most powerful one they can get their hands on. At the same time, you have to consider both your immediate needs and how those needs may grow and change over the next few years. If you buy the simplest model you can afford, you may find yourself needing to upgrade quickly. Asking yourself the right questions before you buy can help prevent a premature upgrade.

Benefits of Buying an Electronic Drum Set

Unlike a traditional drum set, electronic drums give you access to an almost unlimited variety of sounds. They allow you to take advantage of pre-recorded songs and percussion phrases into your performances. Not only that, you can add special effects such as delay and reverb. For the student, electronic drums have the additional advantage of allowing you to practice anytime without disturbing others – simply plug in your headphones.

Access Unlimited Sounds: If you’re a percussionist who enjoys working with a wide range of musical styles, having an unlimited number of sounds to work with is an attractive prospect. Match your drum set to almost any setting, whether it’s a jazz combo, reggae band, or a pop quartet. In addition, you can add in a variety of effects and play around with sounds and styles to find something that is uniquely you.
Elevate your Performance: Electronic drum sets give you the opportunity to edit each part of your performance, from changing the sounds to adjusting the timing. When you play, your performance is recorded as MIDI data, allowing you to easily edit and mix various tracks, taking your performance from something ordinary to extraordinary.

Portability: Unlike traditional drum kits, electronic drum sets can be easily stored and moved from place to place. They don’t take up a lot of space, allowing you to easily store them away when they’re not in use. For travel, a few soft bags or cases can easily fit in an SUV or van, making getting to your gigs much easier. No need for a big road crew to help with loading and unloading heavy parts.

Better Practice: If you’re just learning to play, an electronic drum set can make learning much quicker and easier than a traditional set. Simply play along with some of the many preset drum patterns that most electronic kits come preloaded with. Many electronic drums have learning modules with special tools such as metronome functions that will help you develop your timing. If you’re hoping to learn some of your favorite songs, simply plug your phone, computer, or iOS device into the auxiliary input or USB port and jam away.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electronic Drum Set

There several things you need to be aware of when you’re choosing your electronic drum set. Electronic drum sets are different from a traditional drum set in a number of ways:

  • A different sound presence
  • Latency/delayed response
  • Feel of pads v/s drum heads
  • Dynamic responses

Sound presence: when you play a traditional drum set, you are quite literally on top of the sound. With an electronic drum set, the sound is somewhat removed. If you’re making the transition from a traditional drum set, this can feel odd at first.

Latency: No matter how good data transmission speeds are, there is always a delay of a few milliseconds between when you hit the pad and the sound that is emitted from the speakers. Some of this is because of the sound presence discussed above, and some is because of the time it takes the sound data to travel from the pad to the speaker.

Pad feel: Pads feel differently than traditional drum heads. Rubber pads will feel more like the practice pads you’re used to. Mesh heads have more give, and are more adjustable. You will want to choose the medium that is best suited to your needs and skill level.

Dynamic Response: Traditional drum kits have a full volume range from whisper quiet to deafening. However, it’s difficult to translate this kind of range to electronic pads. However, it’s important to remember that most electronic drum modules can be adjusted for velocity and sensitivity. Play around with the settings to find the the response that best suits your play style.

Tips on Choosing the Best Electronic Drum Set to Suit Your Needs

Before you choose your electronic drum set, there are several things that you need to ask yourself. Just as you wouldn’t buy the first or cheapest computer or smartphone you find, you wouldn’t want to settle for an inferior drum set either. Considering these things before buying can save you a lot of grief down the road.

What’s included in the price? Not all electronic drum sets are created equally. In fact, some won’t even come with everything you need. Most kits will provide you with a rack, sound module, hi-hat controller, pads, and cables – but they may not come with a kick pedal, drumsticks, or a hi-hat stand. Though they seem like add-ons, these items are essential to being able to play, and can be very costly when you have to purchase each separately. You’ll also want to invest in a high-quality pair of headphones, so you can hear yourself well when you practice. Some sets will come with these.

Will the kit fit in your space? This is a fairly important consideration, but you’d be surprised to learn how many people ignore it. Take measurements of your space. Many higher range electronic drum sets have a larger footprint and require more space. So measure the area where you plan to have your kit set up and purchase a set that will fit in your space.

Is the kit quiet enough for your space? One of the biggest reason many beginners choose an electronic drum set is the ability to practice without disturbing the people around them. However, it’s important to note that even though they are quieter than a traditional drum kit, electronic drum sets are not silent. There is still the sound of the drumsticks hitting the pad, and the kick pedal will still thud against the floor. Pad construction plays a large role in how quiet or loud the pad is. Mesh-headed and closed cell foam are the quietest.

Can you load in custom samples? Even if you are a beginner, you’re going to eventually want the ability to load custom sound samples into your electronic drum kit. This allows you to play around with a variety of sounds and really adds an extra level of enjoyment to your drumming.

Is it durable? Before you buy, check out the set’s manufacturer. Are they known for making drum sets that are reliable and durable? Do they have a reputation for high quality? If not, you may want to consider looking elsewhere. Electronic drum sets can be expensive, and you want to purchase one that is going to last you until you’re ready to upgrade.  diabetes awareness bracelet

Best Electronic Drum Sets

Now that you know more about electronic drum sets, what to look for when purchasing one, and how to choose the right one for your needs, it’s time to look over the reviews of the best electronic drum kits available online today.

Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8″ Snare, 8″ Toms, and 10″ Cymbals


The Alesis Nitro Electronic Drum Set is a full stand-alone drum kit that comes with a variety of attractive features, such as:

  • Comfortable pads offer dynamic response and natural feel
  • 8-inch-high quality rubber drum pads (3 single-zone toms, dual-zone snare)
  • Included kick pad tower and bass drum pedal
  • 4-post aluminum rack provides superior flexibility and stability
  • 10 inch cymbals: hi-hat, crash w/choke, ride cymbal

The Breakdown of the Features

The aforementioned electronic drum set comes with everything that you need to play. This 8-piece set includes a dual-zone snare drum, three dynamic response 8-inch tom pads, three 10 inch cymbals with crash and choke, a kick drum pad and pedal, and the four-post aluminum mounting rack.

The Advantages of the Product

The Alesis Nitro module features 40 modern and classic ready-to-play kits. More advanced percussionists can also create their own kits using more than 380 sounds that are included in the module. If you’re hoping to learn your favorite tune the Nitro module comes with 60 built-in play tracks. The rubber drum and cymbal pads have a realistic feel while remaining quiet, allowing you to play and practice without disturbing those around you. The 4-post aluminum rack provides incredible stability – play as hard as you want without worry.

The Disadvantage of the Product

It’s hard to find a downside to this electronic drum set. Not only does it come with everything you need to begin playing – it is also excellent quality for the price. The biggest downside is that setup will take some time. Plan for about an hour and a half for getting things set up – longer if you’ve never set up a set like this before.

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set


The Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series electronic drum set is designed to fit into a smaller space profile. In addition, this drum set has a number of attractive features including:

  • Custom stand is designed for V-compact V-drums
  • Included TD-11 drum sound module with SuperNATURAL
  • Snare outfitted with mesh head V-pad
  • More natural feeling kick pad
  • Practical and compact hi-hat combination

The Breakdown of the Features

This drum kit is designed to be practical and easy to use for drummers of almost any skill level. The entire drum set is designed to fit into a smaller space, making it ideal for those living in small urban apartments or for use on crowded stages. The mesh head snare and more natural feeling kick pad are intended to give you a more dynamic response and feel as you play.

The Advantages of the Product

The SuperNATURAL TD-11 Drum Sound Module gives enhanced playability and execution with inconceivably expressive and normal sounds. In addition, it offers an assortment of effective elements, incorporating backing melodies in assortment of melodic styles, a quick record and play function, a COACH capacity, and USB for MIDI/AUDIO and information stockpiling.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Unlike many electronic drum sets at this price point; this model does not include everything that you need to play. You will need to purchase your kick pedal separately, although for many this isn’t much of a disadvantage. Most experienced percussionists prefer to customize their electronic drum sets with their own kick pedal.

Alesis Forge Kit | Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Forge Drum Module and USB Port for User-Loaded Samples


The Alesis Forge Kit Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set provides you with everything you need to start playing right away. This kit has a number of interesting features, including:

  • Natural feeling rubber pads offer a more natural and dynamic response
  • Three single zone toms and 11” dual zone snare
  • Included kick pad tower with bass drum pedal
  • Three 10” cymbals: hi-hat, crash with choke, and ride cymbal
  • Forge Drum Module includes 50 factory kits and 600 sounds, plus enables you to add 20 kits of your own.

The Breakdown of the Features

This drum kit is a full 8-piece electronic drum set that has everything you need to begin playing right out of the box. The 11-inch dual zone snare and three 8 inch toms are designed to provide you with a natural feel and dynamic response, while the three cymbals allow you an almost endless range of playing expression. The four-post chrome mounting rack ensures that everything stays secure and stable, even when you’re playing hard.

The Advantages of the Product

This model includes the Forge Drum Module, which 50 factory drum kids and 600 sounds, giving you an almost unlimited range of expression. In addition, and there are 60 play-along tracks, allowing you to learn your favorite songs. The metronome function will help beginners improve their timing. In addition, this module allows you to load 20 of your own kits for a customized sound.

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you’re unused to setting up drum kits, be prepared to spend some time – this model will take around an hour to get set up. Although this drum kit comes with sticks, most experienced players will want to provide their own. It’s also important to note that this model is compact, and therefore can’t support a double kick pedal – though in a small space, that’s not likely to be needed.



The Behringer XD8 USB is an eight-piece electronic drum set that comes with everything you need to begin playing right out of the box. The aforementioned model has a number of attractive features, including:

  • HDS110 USB sound module included with this 8-piece electronic drum set
  • Ships ready with everything needed to begin playing immediately
  • 10 preset drum sets and 5 user programmable drum sets
  • USB interface allows you to connect with almost any virtual instrument or drum software
  • Innovative High Definition Sampling gives you an authentic drumming experience

The Breakdown of the Features

The XD8 USB electronic drum set comes with everything you need to begin playing right out of the box. In addition to the high quality and professional grade kick pedal and trigger pad, this set includes a dual zone snare that allows for both standard head and rim play. There are three 8” single zone pads, three 12” cymbals, and a hi-hat control pedal. This drum kit was designed to be easy to set up and comes with everything you need for mounting.

The Advantages of the Product

This kit includes a total of 15 drum sets and 123 studio-quality percussion, drum, and cymbal sounds that allow you to unleash your creativity every time you sit down to play. The pads are designed for a realistic feel and natural, dynamic response. The auxiliary audio input allows you to play along with songs on your iOS device or MP3 player. In addition, this electronic drum set includes a built-in sequencer that allows you to practice by playing along.

The Disadvantages of the Product

As with other electronic drum sets, this model will take some time to set up correctly. It can be somewhat tricky to set up, and you will need to ensure things are lined up properly to ensure the correct response when playing. However, this model comes with all of the mounting hardware you need, and setup should be fairly easy.

Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Drum Set with Drum Throne, Vic Firth 5A Drumsticks and Stereo Headphones


The Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Drum Set comes with everything you need to play and has a number of interesting features, including:

  • The DTX400 Drum Trigger Module includes 297 high-quality sounds
  • 10 professional drum settings: oak, maple, vintage, funk, hard rock, session, jazz, R&B, percussion, and marching.
  • 5-inch snare pad, two 7.5 inch tom pads, bass drum KU100 silent kick unit, hi-hat controlling unit, 10 inch crash cymbal, and 10 inch ride cymbal
  • This kit includes sticks, JVC stereo headphones, and drum throne

The Breakdown of the Features

This six-piece drum kit allows you to begin playing as soon as setup is complete. This model comes pre-loaded with 297 professional quality sounds, allowing you to experiment and create high quality tracks easily. The 10 professional drum settings allow you to experience a wide range of drum set styles – and excellent option for beginners and more advanced players alike. This set is also small enough to fit into most player spaces, making it ideal for younger players who need to store the kit in a bedroom or other small practice space.

The Advantages of the Product

Yamaha is known for producing excellent, high-quality drum sets for players ranging from beginner to professionals. This kit is an excellent choice, as it allows you to customize the drum kits to match your personal play style. For beginners, there is an interactive training function that provides voice-guided instruction. It’s like having a drum teacher there in the room with you! Best of all, this kit is upgradeable, so that it can grow with you – there’s no need to buy another set down the line.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The aforementioned is a full-size drum kit so those who have smaller spaces may want to measure to ensure that they have enough room. While this electronic drum set can be upgraded with a 3-zone snare, extra crash cymbal, and a real pedal, this model doesn’t come with these items – you will need to add them later. The snare and tom pads are also somewhat small at 7.5 inches – many drum sets include larger, 10 inch pads. However, this will allow the kit to fit into a smaller space.

The Final Verdict

Now that we’ve reviewed the top five best electronic drum sets available online today, it’s time to reveal our pick for the top choice! When it comes to the range of features available for the price, as well as the quality and response of the kit itself, it’s hard to beat the Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set with 8″ Snare, 8″ Toms, and 10″ Cymbals. This kit not only comes with everything you need to begin playing right out of the box, it also has a number of features that will be attractive to both beginner and advanced players.

Beginners will enjoy playing with the 40 pre-loaded kits, while more advanced players will enjoy creating their own with the 380 high quality sounds included in the Nitro drum module. If you have been looking for an electronic drum kit that is high quality, has a natural feel, and can grow with you as you learn and develop as a percussionist, this is the set for you. In addition, this drum set is the perfect size for most player spaces, and will store or travel well from place to place.

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